Surface Roughness Tester with High Degree Integration (Ra,Rz)



Key Features

  • Pocketsize surface rough meter is a new intelligence instrument which is specialized in measuring
  • Gather microprocessor technology and sensor technology all-in-one
  • Use advanced microprocessor and optimized high degree integration circuit design
  • Constitutes a super miniature system structure that adapts nowadays instrument development It can collect, dispose and display roughness parameter.
  • it can have used for outside detection for detection, measurement and commodity inspection department.
  • Not only measures encircle, plane, conical surface, but also can measure groove that the length and wide is more than 80*30m.

Technical Specifications

Measuring range




Sampling length 0.25mm0.8mm2.5mm (0.98in 0.031in 0.098in)
Evaluate length 1.25mm4mm5mm (0.049in 0.15in 0.20 in)
Scan length 6mm (0.23in)
Indication error ≤±15%
Variation of indication


Sensor type




Power supply 3.7V Lithium ion battery
Working temperature


0ºC – 40ºC (32°F -104°F)
Weight 200g
Overall dimension 106×70×24mm (4.17 x 2.76 x 0.94 in)
Standard configuration


Main body, power adaptor, multirole sample

plate (roughness standard block)

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