Thickness Tester with Long Measure (USB 2.0 Interface)



Key Features

  • Handy, precise, efficient
  • With ultra-low power consumption
  • Embedded Bluetooth module, supporting wireless report printing
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Achieve precise thickness measurement by using high-precision timing chip
  • displaying accuracy of the test result is 0.001mm

Technical Specifications

Measuring range             0.75-400mm(steel)(0.02-15.75 in)
Displaying accuracy       0.001mm(3.93 in)
Measuring error              1 mm~10 mm : ±0.03mm  10mm~300mm: ±0.3%Hmm
Measurement period      fourth per second
Measurement frequency 5MHz, 7.5MHz, 2MHz, 3MHz
Ultrasonic velocity         1000-9999m/s(3280-32805 ft/s)
Display/Unit                   FSTN digital LCD with cold back light   inch/mm
Zero adjustment              auto returning to zero when you press the key after the probe is put on the specimen.
Linear correction             auto linear correction by the MCU programs(V Path auto-compensation)
Alarm function                setting the measurement limit and alarming for the results beyond the limit.
Working voltage              3.7V; lithium battery
Power off                        Auto power off if not working for 2 minutes, and the power key is also available.
Display contents            thickness value, coupling state, power state, CAL calibration state, sound velocity
Shape size                       132 X 76.2 mm(5.19 * 3 in)
Whole weight                  323g


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