Vibration Meter With Piezoelectric Accelerometer (Speed)

GAO Tek Vibration Meter  measures vibrations using piezoelectric accelerometer.




The Vibration Meter with Piezoelectric Accelerometer is suitable for monitoring all kinds of vibrations in a mechanical and manufacture facility, as well as in the electric power metallurgy and in the general aviation field. The main focus of the device is to measure the amount of vibration in the machinery or the item. In which it has to have the value of both the rotation and reciprocation of the machinery. The devices measurement is based on the value of the acceleration, the velocity and the displacement of the machinery or the item that is being measured. In order for the device to allow piezoelectric effect to happen, the design adopted an artificial polarized ceramic approach was used.

Key Features

  • A LCD backlight display that visually displays the value of the measurement and its state.
  • It accurately measures the three important values that is used in variety of fields, which is acceleration, velocity and the displacement.
  • Gives the user the choice of changing the vibration frequency.
  • A high sensitivity probe for accurate measurement
  • Each of the sensitivity probe is equipped with a long and a short probe head which allows for different measurement situations.
  • A low power indication function
  • An automatic power-off function for battery saving
  • Portable,compact and easy to use device that allows the user to use the device anywhere.
  • Equipped with an AC signal output interface
  • Displays a full-scale signal output of 2V peak.
  • Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer
  • Its accuracy is ±5%H ±2 digits

Technical Specifications

Vibration pickup Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer (shear-type)
Measurement range of acceleration 0.1~199.9m/s² peak
Measurement range of displacement 0.001~1.999mm p-p

Velocity and displacement range is limited by acceleration 199.9m/s²

Measurement range of velocity 0.1~199.9mm/s rms
Measurement accuracy 5%+2digits
Measurement frequency range of the velocity 10Hz 1KHz (LO)
Measurement frequency range of the acceleration 10Hz 1KHz (LO) 1KHz 15KHz (HI)
Measurement frequency range of the displacement 10Hz 1KHz (LO)
Displays update cycle 1 seconds
The LCD display 3 ½ in (88.9 mm) digits display
The Single output AC output 2 V peak (display full scale) Load impedance 10K¦or more earphones can be connected
The Auto power-off function Turns off automatically after 60 seconds
The Static current 20¦A
Operating current 39mA
Battery life 20 H for continuous use
Low battery indication 2.2V 0.2V
LCD backlight function 7 seconds
Operating temperature range 32~104°F (0~40°C)
Operating humidity range 30~90%RH
Dimensions 5.9 x 1.4 x 1 in (150x35x25mm)
Power supply AAA 2*1.5V battery

How to Use

Selecting Measurement Probe Tip

  • The Measurement tip is used as following 3 conditions, please select according to the actual condition:
    • A Measurement with short (S) probe tip: this probe head is factory default installment, adapts in wide scope vibration measurement, and obtains good response value.
    • A Measurement with long (L) probe tip: this probe tip is packing inside the carry box, mainly adapts in narrow objects or special objects field, the unit will response quickly.
    • A Measurement without probe tip: adapts in smooth object surface measurement to get a stable value.
  • Note: When Using short Probe (S) can take the measurement of vibration both in high(HI) and low(LO) frequency. When using the Long Probe (L) is only suitable for low-frequency measurement. When taking velocity measurement, also the frequency is over 1KHZ, please replace it with the short probe.

The Installation of the Battery

  • Grip tightly the unit body with your left hand; hold down the battery door with your right-hand thumb to open it according to the arrow referring direction.
  • Insert the 9V battery into the battery compartment, note the battery polarity, and then close the battery door.
  • Turn on the Unit and Check-Up the Battery
  • Press the key to turn on the unit.
  • After the entire screen displays for 1 second, the default state is in acceleration mode; if the LCD displays the battery symbol, please promptly replace the battery.
  • Note: Power turns off automatically after 60 seconds without any operation. The backlight closes down after 7 seconds without any operation.

Selecting a Measurement Mode

  • Press the key select measurement mode, the default state is acceleration mode upon turning the device on.
  • Press the key enter velocity measurement mode.
  • Press the the key again to enter displacement measurement mode
  • Selecting a High or Low-Frequency Measurement (high-frequency HI is only for acceleration measurement mode)
  • Press the key select high frequency (HI) measurement or low frequency (LO) measurement.
  • Note: When switching acceleration (HI high frequency ) measurement mode to velocity or displacement mode, the high frequency (HI) will be changed to low frequency (LO) automatically.


  • As per the to-be-measured and frequency of vibration structure, select corresponding measurement mode (Acceleration/ Velocity/ Displacement) and the frequency that suits your need (HI/LO frequency). Keep the key depressed with your right thumb, press the vibration meter against the measurement object at a force of 500g to 1kg, the result is then displayed on the LCD screen. Release the key and the result is kept on the LCD screen. As shown in the following Figure:

Note: The back light closes down after 7 seconds without any operation.