Multi-Ion Meter With Power-Failure Protect ( H+,Ag+,Na+ )

GAO Tek Multi-ION Meter with Power-Failure Protect offers users several ion modes such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Cl.




This upgraded version of GAOTek’s ion meter supports a large range of ion modes such as H+, Ag+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Cl-, F-, NO3-, BF4-, CN-, Cu2+, Pb2+, and Ca2+. It allows users to measure pH/pX, ion concentration, and potential temperature. Moreover, the device provides several ion concentration measurements, including direct reading of concentration, standard addition mode, sample addition mode, and GRAN mode. With three measurement modes, including continuous mode, timed reading mode, and auto-lock reading mode, this ion meter can recognise several pH buffers which meet with the GB, NIST, and DIN standards and can calibrate up to 5 points. The device adopts dot-matrix LCD screen with light touch keys that offers power-failure protection functions as well as automatic temperature compensation functions. By having a USB interface, this ion meter allows users to delete, view, print, and exchange data with computers.

Key Features

  • USB interface
  • Dot matrix LCD screen and light touch keys
  • Automatic temperature compensation function
  • Power-failure protection function

Technical Specifications

Accuracy grade 0.001
Measuring range pH:-2.000pH~20.000pH pX:0.000pX~14.000pX mV:-1999.9mV~1999.9mV ion concentration: (0~1999.0), units: ug/L, mg/L, g/L, mol/L, mmol/L
Temperature 23 to 230 °F (-5~110℃) 23 to 230 °F (-5~110℃) 23 to 230 °F (-5~110℃) 23 to 230 °F (-5~110℃)
Resolution pH/pX:0.001pH/pX mV:0.1mV
Temperature 32.18°F (0.1℃) 32.18°F (0.1℃)
Accuracy pH/pX:±0.002pH/pX mV:±0.03%FS ion concentration:: ±0.3%
Temperature ±32.18°F (±0.1℃) ±32.18°F (±0.1℃) ±32.18°F (±0.1℃)
Input impedance >1×1012Ω
Manual/automatic temperature compensation range 32 to 140°F (0.0~60.0℃)
Power supply DC adapter (9V DC,800mA, inside positive and outside negative)
Size 11.02 x 8.46 x 3.62 in(28 × 21.5 × 9.2 cm)
Weight 4.41 lbs(2kg)
Package Size 14.57 x 12.2 x 13.39 in(37 x 31 x 34cm)
Gross Weight 8.82 lbs(4kg)